Introducing Your All New Marketplace Haat-Mart

What is Haat-Mart?

Haat-Mart is a unique collaboration of our two favorite marketplaces:


Who is it for?

Buyers. Sellers.

Why should you visit Haat-Mart?

If you are a SELLER: Haat-Mart is the marketplace to be. We promote your company, exhibit your products and influence your potential customers to generate more sales for your business.

We are your SALES PARTNER.

If you are a BUYER: Think about a marketplace that is creative, full of choices and meets your need; Haat-Mart is just that. Visit our e-commerce or trade show side to learn more.

We are your SHOPPING MATE.

When Does the Trade Show Happen?

ANNUALLY. Check for details.

How did the Concept Evolve?

At Clock b, our team loves CREATIVITY. There is one other thing we love, SHOPPING. So, we decided to add a little creativity in the way we shop. RESULT: HAAT-MART.

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